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STEM Day Camps

Ignite your K-8th graders' passion for learning with our electrifying STEM Day Camps at Moore Road Farm! Unleash their curiosity with captivating full-day, hands-on experiences that align with the latest standards, nurturing their connection with nature and STEM practices. Let them explore, create, and experiment while building essential skills and friendships in an unforgettable, fun-filled environment. Enroll now to secure their spot on a path to greatness!

STEM Summer Camps

Full-day, week-long hands-on summer STEM experiences at Moore Road Farm for youth entering kindergarten-5th grades. Additionally, STEM Future Leader Summer Camp provides a summer camp experience for youth going into 6th-10th grades. Camp activities connect to a theme and align to content, process, and employability skills standards. Activities provide youth opportunities to connect with nature, engage in STEM practices, and have fun in the sun.

STEM Field Trips

Opportunities for groups of participants to spend time participating in outdoor hands-on STEM activities at Moore Road Farm. Field trip participants engage in at least two STEM activities connected to a chosen theme from our activity menu. Activities connect STEM to today and tomorrow and align to content, process, and employability skills standards. Field trips can also be facilitated in a modified Reverse Field Trip model where TSC visits a host location and facilitates hands-on STEM activities.

STEM Future Leaders

6th-12th graders! Embark in an action-packed time of discovery, innovation, and adventure at STEM Future Leaders (SFL) this year.

STEM Quick Wins

Free relevant science, technology, engineering, and math activities that can be done at home, school, or other locations with easily accessible materials. Activities are designed for kindergarten through 5th-grade students but can be differentiated for preschool and middle school students. Each activity includes an activity instruction sheet and a short video showing the activity. Activities align to content, process, and employability skills standards.

STEM Professional Development

Webinars and workshops that empower educators, youth workers, and caregivers by sharing STEM content knowledge, developing STEM practices, and building confidence to provide more meaningful STEM experiences for youth. Webinars provide timely and relevant information to address the concerns of educators, youth workers, and families as they navigate STEM learning experiences in a variety of situations and settings. PD workshops are designed to meet the needs of individual schools and organizations and can address a variety of topics, be catered to a desired length of time, and facilitated virtually or in-person.

STEM Family Kits

STEM Family Kits are designed to empower children and families to explore, discover, and learn together. Each kit comes with the supplies for several hands-on, easy-to-follow STEM activities, along with a book and bonus STEM resources and tools that families can use over and over. Kits are available for purchase for your group, classroom, or school. Find out more!