STEM Future Leaders


  • The STEM Future Leaders (SFL) Program is designed for youth in 6th grade and above that aims to increase STEM literacy, use of STEM practices, provide leadership and collaboration opportunities for youth, develop youth interest in STEM careers, and break-down stereotypes related to STEM. 
  • Opportunities for STEM Future Leaders include hands-on STEM experiences, service-learning, meeting with STEM professionals, participating in citizen science activities, attending STEM conferences, and working with youth. 
  • SFLs may be invited to help as a youth leader at our Day Camps, work a community event with a staff member, and help with projects around the farm. We also work with other youth leadership programs in the city and share additional opportunities from our community partners as we hear about them.


  • SFLs are youth in 6th grade and above. 
  • The SFL Program is organized into levels based on age, experience, and participation.
  • Mentors in Training (MITs) – Our MITs are youth in 6th grade or above who are interested in STEM activities and leadership opportunities. 
  • STEM Mentors – Youth in 8th grade or above who have completed the Mentors in Training Program. Mentors are invited to volunteer at TSC programs.
  • STEM Interns – Youth who have completed their freshman year of high school or are in college who get paid to work for The STEM Connection and at TSC programs. Youth are invited to apply for internship positions as they are available.  


  • 9/17/22 11am-2pm SFL Huddle @ Moore Road Farm
  • 9/29/22 4:30-6:30pm Fall Celebration Open House
  • 10/15/22 11am-2pm SFL Huddle (possible college visit – more info coming soon)
  • 11/12/22 9am-2pm SFL Day Camp – Water In Our World sponsored by Citizens Energy Group
  • 12/3/22 11am-2pm SFL Huddle @ Innovation Center

SFL Expectations

  • Set a good example and be a positive role model for younger participants with whom you work and interact.  
  • Maintain a positive attitude about STEM, the participants with whom you work, and the activities with which you are assisting.
  • Actively participate in learning experiences (SFL Huddles, Summer Training, Site Visits, etc) facilitated by STEM Connection staff members.  
  • Participate in STEM Connection programs (day camps, summer camps) to help oversee engagement activities, set up supplies, make models, answer questions, ask questions, take pictures, and complete other tasks given by STEM program facilitators.

        More Information – contact Stacie Hernandez at