Day Camps


Full-day, hands-on STEM experiences at Moore Road Farm for youth kindergarten through 5th grade. Additionally, STEM Future Leader Day Camps provide day camp opportunities for youth in 6th-9th grades. Day Camp activities provide opportunities for youth to connect with nature, engage in STEM practices, and have fun. Activities are connected to a theme and align to content, process, and employability skills standards. Saturday (once per month), Homeschool (once per quarter/season), Unique Needs (once in the summer), and STEM Future Leader (two Saturdays per year) Day Camp opportunities happen throughout the year.


Saturday Day Camps

  • January 29 – Time to Fly
  • February 26 – Winter Fun – Math Edition
  • March 26 – Our Colorful World
  • April 30 – Let’s Go Green

Homeschool Day Camps

  • Monday, March 7 – Wake Up, Woods
  • Monday, May 2 – Everyday Engineering

Unique Needs Day Camp

  • Friday, June 17 – Earth’s Superheroes

STEM Future Leaders Day Camp

  • April 23 – (Theme TBD)


Saturday Day Camps – Youth in kindergarten through 5th grade.

Homeschool Day Camps – Homeschool youth in kindergarten through 5th grade.

Unique Needs Day Camp – Youth entering grades K-5 in the Fall of 2022 with unique academic, social-emotional, or physical needs. Please contact Stacie Hernandez,, with questions about whether this camp is appropriate for your child.

STEM Future Leader Day Camps – Youth in 6th-9th grade.


$40 $15 per camper per event thanks to funding support from PPG.

$5 for youth who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch (must provide documentation).