STEM Quick Wins

STEM Quick Wins are relevant science, technology, engineering, and math activities that can be done at home or other locations with easily accessible materials. 

  • Each STEM Quick Win has an instruction sheet and short video of a STEM Connection staff member explaining and showing the activity. 
  • Activities are based on Next Generation Science Standards, process standards, and employability skills standards and touch on a variety of STEM content and practices
  • Activities are designed for kindergarten through 5th grade students but can easily be differentiated for preschool and middle school students
  • Interviews with STEM professionals help introduce youth to potential STEM careers and the skills it takes to be successful


Freshwater vs. Saltwater/Agua Dulce vs. Agua SaladaActivity  Video

Make a Rain Gauge/Hacer un PluviómetroActivity  Video

Wonderful Water/Agua MaravillosaActivity   Video

Water on Earth/Agua en La Tierra –  Activity  Video


What Do You Hear?/¿Qué Escuchas?Activity Video

Feel and See Sound/Sentir y Ver el SonidoActivity  Video

Cup & String Phones/Teléfonos de Copa y Cuerda Activity   Video

Water Xylophone/Xilófono de aguaActivity  Video

Make a Rainstick/Hacer un palo de lluvia – Activity Video


Sink a Marshmallow/Hundir un Bombón- Activity Video

Crayon Hearts/Corazones de Crayón- Activity  Video

Candy Heart Experiment/Experimento del Corazón de Caramelo- Activity   Video

Snowman Slime/Slime de Muñeco de NieveActivity  Video

Fairy Tale Engineering

Tower Escape/Escape de La TorreActivity Video

Build a Bridge/Construir Un Puente- Activity  Video

Furniture for Goldilocks/Muebles para Ricitos de OroActivity   Video

Three Little Pigs House/Casa de los Tres CerditosActivity  Video

Wildlife Champions 

Habitat Hunt/Caza de Hábitat – Activity Video

Engineer a Parachute/Ingeniero de un Paracaídas- Activity  Video

Be a Wildlife Champion/Sea Un Campeón de Vida Silvestre- Activity   Video

A Walk in Someone Else’s Fur/Un Paseo por El Pelaje de Otra Persona- Activity  Video

Human Body

Our Amazing Human Bodies/Nuestros Increíbles Cuerpos Humanos – Activity   Video

Human Body Systems Work Together/Los Sistemas del Cuerpo Humano Trabajan Juntos – Activity   Video

Blood Model in a Bottle/Modelo de Sangre en una Botella- Activity   Video

Engineer a Body Tissue/Ingeniería del Tejido Corporal – Activity   Video

Introduction to STEM

Color Hunt/Caza de Colores – Activity   Video

Color Chromatography/Cromatografía en Color – Activity   Video

2-D and 3-D shapes/Formas 2D y 3D – Activity  Video

Toothpick Towers/Torres de Palillos de Dientes – Activity   Video

Model of a Virus/Hacer un Modelo de Virus – Activity   Video

Let’s Go Green

Let’s Go Green/Vamos a ser Ecológicos- Activity Video

Construct a Compost Bottle/Construir Una Botella de Abono- Activity  Video

Plastic Bag Bracelets/Pulseras de Bolsas de Plástico- Activity   Video

Seed Starter Glove/Guante de Iniciación de Semillas- Activity  Video

Paper Bag Habitat/Hábitat de Bolsas de Papel – Activity  Video


Exploring Equivalence/Explorando la Equivalencia – Activity Video

Shadow Study/Estudio de Sombras- Activity  Video

Testing Light Transmissions/Prueba de Transmisiones de Luz- Activity   Video

Weather Watching/Observación del Tiempo- Activity  Video Weather Recording Chart 

Water Science

Water Cycle in a Bag/El ciclo del agua en una bolsa – Activity   Video

Water Use Inventory/Inventario del uso del agua  – Activity   Video

Wastewater Hunt/A la Búsqueda de Aguas Residuales – Activity   Video

How to make a Water Filter/Cómo hacer un Filtro de Agua – Activity   Video

Water Smart Plants/Plantas que aprovechan el agua – Activity   Video

Computer Science

Feed the Mouse Game – Activity   Video

Build your own Robot – Activity   Video

Code a Dance – Activity   Video

Binary Code Bracelet – Activity   Video

Earth Science

Rain in a Cup/Lluvia en una Taza  – Activity   Video

Kids Gardening – Activity  Video

Painting with Soil – Activity   Video

Cotton Ball Clouds/ Nubes de Bolas de Algodón- Activity   Video

Saltwater vs. Freshwater/Agua Dulce vs. Agua Salada – Activity   Video

Soil Sedimentation – Activity   Video

Air Pollution Catcher – Activity   Video

Earthquake Activity – Activity   Video

Garden in a Bag – Activity  Video

Terrarium – Activity   Video

Physical Science

Soap Science/ Ciencia del Jabón – Activity Video

Melt an Ice Cube – Activity    Video

Float or Sink – Activity   Video

Lava Lamp – Activity    Video

Pom Pom Launcher – Activity  Video

Color Chromatography/Cromatografía en Color – Activity   Video

Inclined Planes – Activity   Video

Bubbles – Activity   Video

Ice Cream in a Bag – Activity   Video

Paper Airplanes – Activity   Video

Kaleidoscope – Activity   Video

Life Science

Specimen Bracelet – Activity   Video

Spring Scavenger Hunt – Activity   Video

Color Hunt/Caza de Colores – Activity   Video

Onion Planting – Video

Start a Sprout – Activity   Video

Beaks – Activity   Video

Model of a Virus/Hacer un Modelo de Virus – Activity   Video

Spot 5 examples of Animal Evidence – Video

Ephemeral Art – Activity   Video

Kitchen Scrap Garden – Activity   Video

Living vs. Non-living – Activity   Video

Animal Observations – Activity  Video

Insect Hunt – Activity   Video

Ant Hills Art- Activity   Video

Toilet Paper Tube Owls – Activity   Video

Engineer a Nest – Activity   Video

Make Your Own Animal – Activity   Video

Creek Exploration – Activity   Video

Pollinator Count – Activity   Video

Insect Art – Activity   Video

Science, Math, Engineering Process Standards

Cup Tower – Activity    Video 

Make Your Own Stress Ball/Haz Tu Propia Bola de Estrés – Activity   Video

Toothpick Towers/Torres de Palillos de Dientes – Activity   Video

Mystery Bag – Activity   Video

2-D and 3-D shapes/Formas 2D y 3D – Activity  Video

Spot 5 Signs of Spring Hike – Video

Build a Basket – Activity  Video

Growing Numbers/Números Crecientes – Activity  Video

Spot 5 Numbers Hike  – Video

Build a Boat – Activity   Video

Estimation Jars – Activity   Video

Groovy Graphing / Gráficos Maravillosos- Activity  Video

Natural and Manmade Patterns – Activity   Video

Mystery Scents/Aroma Misterioso – Activity  Video

Thaumatropes – Activity  Video

Bridges – Activity   Video 

Kindness Rocks – Activity   Video

Butterfly Symmetry – Activity   Video

Drop Copters – Activity   Video

Design a Doghouse – Activity   Video

Interviews with STEM Professionals

Questions for a STEM Professional PDF

Interview with a Nurse – Activity    Video

Interview with a Soil Specialist – Activity   Video

Interview with an Engineer – Video

Interview with a Database Administrator – Video

Interview with an Ecologist – Video

Interview with an Entomologist – Activity   Video

Interview with a Meteorologist – Video

Interview with a Doctor – Video

Interview with an Environmental Specialist – Video

Interview with a Pilot – Video

The Indiana Department of Education supports STEM Quick Wins!

Click here to read our letter of Support from IDOE.


“We are very pleased to see The STEM Connection is finding new, innovative ways to engage with students during the pandemic.  While these events are unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed, it is nice to see your continued efforts to support our city’s youth.  Education is so important, especially now, while many parents are being pushed outside of their comfort zone.  Great job in continuing to push your mission forward!”

 – Ryan Basore, Commercial Sales Consultant, Citizens Energy Group