The STEM Connection Training and Empowerment offerings are aimed at providing more opportunities for educators, parents, and youth workers through newsletters, training sessions, and content-rich workshops and events.

Educator Empowerment Workshops

The Educator Empowerment Workshops are meant to help formal and informal educators strengthen their understanding and comfort level with specific STEM content. Advanced registration required and available through the website.

Children are constantly learning and educators, youth workers and parents want to help children be the best they can be! Be empowered to help the children in your life on their learning journeys.Join us in 2019 to gain knowledge about STEM content: the Engineering Design Process, Animal Adaptations and Conservation, Scientific Process, and the Solar System. Each night a topic will be highlighted, guest experts will share, lessons will be offered and connections made to Indiana Science Standards for K-8 grade. PGPs and CYC points will be offered.

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September – Scientific Process
November – Solar System
5:00 pm – 6:30 pm – $15 per person

Educator Empowerment Workshops are adult only events.

Educator Empowerment Newsletter

Click here to sign up. Each quarterly newsletter will contain a theme, STEM content, literature connections and resources.

Summer STEM


Summer STEM is a proven out of school time (OST) science, technology, engineering, and math enrichment opportunity that empowers staff to facilitate quality STEM experiences with youth. Facilitators receive a day of training, 15 hours of curriculum that can be taught in varied amounts of time throughout the summer, pre and post assessments, materials and literature connections to run the curriculum with 20 participants, and continued support and coaching through site visits and other communication. Youth will engage in hands-on STEM challenges, learn more about the scientific method and the engineering design process, consider STEM careers, and explore and connect to the natural world with their STEM facilitator. The DoS – Dimensions of Success – tool is used to guarantee quality curriculum and continued programming. DoS defines twelve indicators of STEM program quality in out-of-school time and it was developed and studied with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) by the Program in Education, Afterschool and Resiliency (PEAR), along with partners at Educational Testing Services (ETS) and Project Liftoff.


STEM is fun and everyone can do STEM successfully! Science, technology, engineering, and math have an ever-increasing role in our world, and Summer STEM provides an opportunity to engage students early in their academic journeys in order to increase interest in and build positive attitudes toward STEM disciplines. Summer STEM presents children with opportunities to develop STEM practices and engage in higher-level thinking related to the steps of the scientific method and engineering design process. The STEM Connection programs aim to break down negative stereotypes related to STEM, challenge children to do their best, provide meaningful STEM learning opportunities and encourage and inspire those that are underrepresented in STEM fields. The Summer STEM program connects proven STEM Connection programming with a greater audience so more children are served and more lives can be impacted.


Area educators and youth workers willing to commit to training and facilitating are welcome. Summer STEM is structured for kindergarten-5th grade students, with curriculum aligned to K-5th grade Indiana Academic Science Standards and Afterschool Specialty Standards. Lead developers for Summer STEM curriculum and facilitator trainings are Angela Fitzgerald and Vera Vander Kooy, who are science educators and curriculum developers with over 35 years of combined teaching experience and have overseen hands-on STEM experiences for preschool, elementary, and middle school children in a variety of settings. Facilitators can be formal or informal educators and will earn PGP of CYC points for participation and receive a PGP/CYC certificate upon completion of the training.


Facilitator Training is May 18, 2019, 9am-1pm. Facilitators work with their programs to decide the best way to offer Summer STEM experiences and the curriculum, and facilitator training encourages flexibility and suggestions for modification. Lunch will be served.


Cost is $1000 per site and includes: professional development for two facilitators – $350, curriculum access for 15 hours of summer programming – $100, share and reuse materials and loaned literature connections as well as consumable supplies for 20 participants – $300, and continued coaching and site visit – $250 (breakdown for title services (1&2A) and other funding channels). Additional cost for additional training, materials/supplies, or other materials or services.


Contact Angela Fitzgerald at with questions, for more information, or to register.


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Professional Development Sample Offerings

Setting All Students Up for STEM Success

Take a look at STEM by the Numbers to determine who is underrepresented in STEM careers. Identity and discuss the researched-backed factors that contribute to future STEM success. Begin to brainstorm ways to help those underrepresented in STEM have earlier access to STEM to set them up for future STEM success.

Developing School STEM Identity

Reflect on STEM experiences and attitudes, review factors that contribute to STEM success, identify components of successful STEM schools, brainstorm ways you currently demonstrate STEM success, what new things you would like to add to promote STEM success, and what barriers need to be worked through or overcome to attain greater STEM success.


Learn more about STEM, the Engineering Design Process, and Project-Based Learning through hands-on experience with sample lessons. Gain better understanding of the basics of Project-Based Learning, while making connections between STEM and the engineering design process. Brainstorming and planning time is also provided to help start the process and get things going.

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