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The STEM Connection provides professional development to empower educators and youth workers by sharing STEM content knowledge, developing STEM practices, and building confidence to provide more meaningful STEM experiences for children.   

Due to Covid-19, many of our current Professional Development opportunities have shifted to virtual opportunities. 

2021 STEM Webinars

The STEM Connection provides professional development to empower educators, youth workers, and caregivers by sharing STEM content knowledge, developing STEM practices, and building confidence to provide more meaningful STEM experiences for children. 2020 has posed new challenges and opportunities and The STEM Connection is working to provide timely and relevant information to address the concerns of educators, youth workers, and families as they navigate in-person, virtual, and blended learning experiences. A PGP and CYC certificate is available upon participation in a webinar. The cost for the webinar is $10 per participant with school/district packages available.

STEM Quick Wins 

September 9, 2021 at 4:00 pm

STEM Quick Wins are quick and easy STEM activities that can be done at school, home, or other locations with easily accessible materials. This workshop is designed for educators, youth workers, caregivers, parents, administrators, and program directors to learn more about STEM Quick Wins – what they are, why they were created, and how they can be used to provide more STEM educational opportunities for kids.

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STEM for Unique Needs Youth 

October 7, 2021 at 4:00 pm

All youth deserve the opportunity to engage in quality STEM experiences. Join us to learn more about how to meet the varying unique needs of youth during STEM activities and opportunities. We will share information from experts and what we’ve learned while facilitating different STEM programs with youth of all ages, abilities, experiences, and needs.

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STEM in Middle School 

November 4, 2021 at 4:00 pm

Providing quality, integrated STEM experiences for middle school students is challenging but can provide so many benefits for students. Join us to learn more about the characteristics of great STEM experiences, practical ideas on how to incorporate STEM practices throughout all classes, and resources to help you implement a more well-rounded STEM program.

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Free Recorded Webinars:

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STEM Quick Wins

Brilliant Books

Teaching During a Pandemic


PD Workshop Offerings for 2021 Include:

Best Practices for Outdoor Learning 

Brilliant Books: Using Children’s Literature to Positively Impact Youth

Connecting STEM & Social-Emotional Learning

Creating a Family STEM Kit

Developing a STEM School/Organization Identity

Engaging Youth with the Engineering Design Process 

STEM and PBL Connect for Success

STEM Differentiation

STEM for Today and Tomorrow

STEM Quick Winsthe

The training has excellent content and well-paced. Angela tailored the presentation to our needs and provided our teaching artists with useful materials that prompt further thinking on how to integrate the Arts in teaching STEM concepts. – Ploi Pagdalian, Senior Director of Programs, Arts for Learning

Pike Township has partnered with The STEM Connection for summer programming,  field trips, after-school clubs, STEM kit distribution, and professional development.  They continue to be thoughtful in meeting the needs of our students, teachers, and our community by offering rich, engaging opportunities in all that they do.  All staff is knowledgeable in STEM teaching and learning and goes above and beyond to make STEM education equitable.  – Erin Naylor, District STEM Coach at MSD Pike Township

The team at The STEM Connection immediately engaged all staff members in meaningful dialogue and activities that effectively created a sense of ownership in STEM education for all students. Through a series of realistic examples, our staff felt supported and encouraged to explore after the professional development experience. – Eric Schommer, Principal, St. Monica Catholic School

“The Webinar helped me become less anxious about practicing safe teaching and creating the correct environment for educating during Covid.”. – Webinar participant

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