Onsite Professional Development

The STEM Connection provides professional development to empower educators by sharing STEM content knowledge, developing STEM practices, and building confidence to provide more meaningful STEM experiences for youth.  We know science, technology, engineering, and math have an ever-increasing role in our world, and STEM experiences provide an opportunity to engage students early in their academic journeys in order to increase interest in and build positive attitudes toward STEM disciplines.  

The STEM Connection compliments and supplements current STEM curriculum and programs.

The STEM Connection STEM Teacher Workshops empower schools to move forward in their STEM journey.

Onsite offerings for 2019 are:

  • STEM throughout the School Day
  • STEM and PBL Connect for Success
  • STEM and Nature – The Perfect Match
  • Engaging Students with the Engineering Design Process
  • Developing a STEM School Identity
  • STEM by the Numbers

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