Family STEM Events

What?   A Family STEM Event is an evening or weekend enrichment opportunity for science, technology, engineering, and math for families to do together. The event includes 6-8 hands-on STEM activities, opportunities to learn more about the scientific method and the engineering design process, information about STEM careers, and time to create, explore, and connect to the natural world.  Events are focused on Kindergarten-6th grade students and their families, with curriculum aligned to K-6th grade Indiana Academic Science Standards.


Why?   STEM is fun and everyone can do STEM successfully!  Science, technology, engineering, and math have an ever-increasing role in our world, and Family STEM Events provide an opportunity to engage students early in their academic journeys in order to increase interest in and build positive attitudes toward STEM disciplines.  Events present children and their families with opportunities to develop STEM skills and engage in higher-level thinking related to the steps of the scientific method and engineering design process.


When?   Events are scheduled throughout the year and run for 90 minutes.  The STEM Connection staff comes to your location, trains your volunteers, and provides all the materials needed for approximately 300 participants for the event.  


How?  Once date and time are decided upon the school will begin to recruit volunteers to help with the event; at least 10 volunteers are needed, but more volunteers are welcome and appreciated! The STEM Connection staff will arrive an hour and a half before the event to begin set-up, and volunteers will arrive an hour before the event to be trained and to help set up individual stations.

Cost?   Family STEM Events cost $500 each. 

For more information, please contact Angela Fitzgerald at