Month: August 2018

STEM Educator Empowerment Newsletter

STEM Educator Empowerment Newsletter STEM Educator Empowerment Workshop: Soil with STEM Expert: Harold Thompson, Earth Team Volunteer, from Marion County Soil & Water Conservation   Tuesday, 9/11/18,  5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. at Moore Road Farm Registration fee…

Giving Youth More Voice and Choice: Simple Strategies, Significant Results

What happens when educators and leaders give youth the opportunity to use their voices and make choices? Perrin Chick, STEM Education Specialist and ACRES Project Manager for Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance, … read more!

10 Creative Careers That Rely on Science and Math

Knowledge of STEM subjects isn’t just essential for physicists or computer engineers. Fashion designers, zookeepers, and deep-sea divers also use it every day…. learn more! By Alexandra Ossola